About US

Unravelled is a zero-waste yarn company that specializes in transforming laundered, branded, waste corporate t-shirts into high quality, easy to use t-shirt yarn. We not only create an in-demand craft product, but create a third avenue for disposal of used clothing, allowing your favourite t-shirt to live again as part of a soft, warm scarf, or blanket. The average Canadian disposes of 14kg of textile waste a year, much of which is destined for landfills. Items that aren't thrown out may be shipped overseas for recycling in hazardous workplace conditions by women and children, or sold by organizations by the kilogram for resale.


Textile Waste is the Second Largest Waste Producer in the World

 The average Canadian will dispose of 14kg of textile a year. That's over 510 million kg of textile waste within a year in Canada alone


The Current Options

Consumers have two avenues they can chose to go down when discarding their clothing:  

  1. Directly disposing the item, destining it for a long life in a local landfill.
  2. Donating the items to a local charity. A majority of those items will be shipped overseas and sold by organizations by the kilogram for resale in developing countries, devastating local textile markets. 

Our Solution: Unravelled

We are opening up a third avenue for consumers just like you. By diverting textile waste right here in YYC away from landfills and developing countries, we are significantly decreasing our environmental footprint. By purchasing our sustainable, and high-quality t-shirt yarn, you join us in helping make a difference in our world. Are you in? Let's get Unravelled.